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Lighting Event at the EXPO Shanghai---New Lighting Technology for new Challenges
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"luster Lumiere" and Department of Illuminating Engineering and Light Sources and Institute for Electric Light Sources of Fudan University are co-hosting a lighting event at the EXPO Shanghai on Sep.21,2010.
1. Developing Strategies for Solid State Lighting Industry in China
Yuan FU, Manager of Consulti ng Services Department of China SSL Alliance
(CSA) Beijing, China
2. Lighting scheme of the UBPA area, Shanghai Expo 2010
Christophe MARTY, Associate of Ingelux consultants, Lyon, France
3. Introduction to a future light source: OLED
Dr Yang LIU, Institute for Electric Light Sources, Fudan University, Shanghai,
4. Lighting Quality, user perceptions and new challenges in outdoor lighting
applications to be realized especially by LED engine powered luminaries
Dr Haldun DEMIRDES, Manager LiDAC International Outdoor, Philips Lighting
Miribel, Lyon, France
5. LED Photometry Challenges and New Technologies Progress
Prof Jiangen PAN, EVERFINE CO., LTD., Hangzhou, China
6. Results of performance testing of SSL products, the CITADEL programme
Dr Christophe MARTINSONS, CSTB, Grenoble, France
Showroom "Rhoe-Alpes Lumiere "
7. High-power LED lighting applicati on in the Expo Area
Yanqing FANG, Shangha?Yan Qing Lighting (Group) Ltd, China
8. Innovative low energy lighting designs for indoor lighting:
Opportunities of SSL
Prof Marc FONTOYNONT, ENTPE, Lyon, France
9. Human factor consideration on solid state lighting for interior application
Dr Yandan LIN, Insti tute for Electric Light Sources, Fudan University,
Shanghai, China
10. Role of light exposure on alertness and stress: results of experimentation
Dr Claude GRONFIER, INSERM, Lyon, France
11. Concluding remarks: challenges in lighting and lamp technology
Prof. Rongqing LIANG, Institute for Electric Light Sources, Fudan University,
Shanghai, China
12. International collaboration in the domain of lighting systems science and technology
Prof. Georges ZISSIS, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
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