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China’s LED Chip Report 2010
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LED industry has become one of today’s most promising industries because LED is energy-saving, environment-friendly and long-lasting. Due to the advantage performance of its energy efficiencies and cost savings, Chinese government strongly support LED technology research and encourage the development of LED-related enterprise.
In China, the LED industry has attracted great attention from Chinese governments and private investors. China’s LED chip industry has received a huge investment from 2009 to 2010.
Although the output value is not yet large, there is no doubt about its great development speed and potential. Chinese government aims to make it into the top 3 of global LED industry, which could come true. The report makes a thorough exploration of the status quo and future trend of China’s LED industry development.
Our ranking bases
Only sales of LED wafers and LED chip products in 2009 are calculated; Sales of non-LED products are excluded; LD sales are excluded; Sales of LED package application products or other LED components are excluded; LED chip manufacturers without MOCVD system or unable to produce LED wafers are not in the ranking; Particular manufacturers who only provide total sales figure without sales of LED epitaxial wafers are not included in the ranking either.
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