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China will phase out incandescent lamps in 2018
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Governments from all over the world have passed measures to phase out incandescent light bulbs due to environmental reasons. The aim is to encourage use of more energy efficient lighting alternatives, such as compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs) and LED lamps.
China Lighting Association announced in Shanghai that China will phase out incandescent light in 2018. According to statistics, lighting electricity consumption accounts for 12% of China's total electricity consumption. If every family in the country replaces incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, it can save 48 billion kwh a year, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions 48 million tons.
In recent years, many European countries have stopped using incandescent lamps, and switch electronic energy saving lamp, LED and other energy-saving lamps.
China Lighting Association recently held in Shanghai, "Green Lighting concept" campaign, focusing on spreading energy-saving concept for major lighting vendor of the town.
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