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Household LED Strip Market Needs to be Developed
  Form: Kevin    Date : 2010/10/13    『Back
Household LED strip market needs to be developed domestic currently engaged in LED lighting technology and product research and development, production and application of the enterprise is numerous, but most are small and medium-sized enterprise scale, lack well-known brands and leading enterprises. Moreover, these manufacturer mostly concentrated in high power LED lighting field, less enterprise devoted to home market. The main reason is current market approval is not high, plus the r&d and production of high power LED to get government subsidies, so do household LED the enterprise rarely. 

Leds power consumption and traditional source, can achieve relatively than electricity-saving 65%. Implying both that LED light source another advantage is the return on investment obvious, but $50 percent. Secondly, LED light-source long life, can use for 25,000 hours above and light failure less than 30%. This brightness still can achieve traditional new tubes efficacy. Moreover, no stroboscopic no radiation lead-free mercury-free, health and environmental protection.

At present, the market has LED domestic lighting and decoration price is common of energy-saving strips and lanterns about 10 times more, this price make a lot of citizens to accept.

Household LED strip market has yet to be developed, but the hotel the piece, currently has begun to accept, and potential is very big. This has let domestic LED indoor illumination enterprise to find new profit growth point. But the LED illumination truly colossal consumer groups not star-rated hotel, not upscale office, but ordinary people.

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