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How to start the Lighting Project with Eupple
Date: 2022-09-03    Click: 94     Font size: L M S

Eupple  Lighting  already had 5 years of experience in Lighting project, we hope we can provide a better service to you with our professional skills and products.

Normally, Eupple  and project contractor follow these steps (Take the bridge project  for example)

Step 1, The project contractor provide information of the project, including: appearance, structure size.

Step 2, In accordance with the requirements of the project contractor, our factory select the appropriate lighting products, and design the lighting effects of the building plans.

Step 3, Our factory send the sample to the project contractor, then the sample be tested by the project contarctor, they are whether or not to comply with the requirements. If they do not meet the requirements, our factory continue to improve them,until they meet the requirements.


Step 4, Project contractor and manufacturer finalize the lighting products,and the manufacturers calculate the quantity and the total price of the lighting products.


Step 5, Project contractor caculate the installation costs of the project.


Step 6, Project contractor and the manufacturer signed a purchase and sale contract.


Step 7, In the course of the installation of lighting products, if project contractors are in need of help, Manufacturer will provide guidance according to information provided.

Step 8, If needing the manufacturer to send the staff to guide, project contractor should pay the full travel and the labor of the staff. 

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