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THREE Issues that LED Energy-saving Lamp Enlarge Application
Date: 2022-09-03    Click: 294     Font size: L M S

As the unique professional institution engaging in green environment-protection promotion, Jing Shi Consultant believes that LED energy-saving lamps need 3-5 years to become main energy saving & environment protection products

1. Establish vivid and catching promotion system

LED energy saving lamps Introduction should not be confined within advertising, package, and end. It is better to market through events, public welfare activities, networking market. All of these activities can attract consumer’s attention. Energy saving lamps are low attention products and general consumers do not care about. Once you have demand or it is aroused, which will bring about purchasing will and sourcing activities.

At present, all of the world are under the shadow of financial crisis and China economy meet the edge of hyperinflation, various farming products, produce materials, daily using products all will maybe increase. Then from the angle of more economic living way, LED energy saving lamps should not be just promoted by its energy saving, more important by its reasonable consumption. It demands series of design and plan to link low attention products and high attention of people's livelihood, income and finance together

At the same time, can launch a public environment protection activities, together with relative organizations to promote the conception and performance of LED energy saving lamps and start a consumption wave of lamps updating.

Especially such platform of networking should be fully used to establish its own brands and influence. Once some enterprises of energy saving lamps sent their information to us, in which their explanations are always not clear and just sell their products, can not link selling with networking life and groups together. All of these lead its spread are not high effective and the market are not opened.

2. Solute factor of high price

There are several reasons to explain why the price of LED energy saving lamps is high, if the manufacturers vividly present from marketing tools, purchase guide and production introduction to explain the high price is necessary, especially for the families which have old men and children, it must be emphasized that traditional energy saving lamps contain mercury and other heavy metal If broken, it will bring greatly harm for the family. As well as 0.5 milligram mercury can pollute 180 ton water.

To make consumers understand: Saving is just method and to care about family and environment is the target. It is worthwhile to cost more.

Meanwhile, can cooperate with relative financial department. Through financial methods to psychological barriers to enjoy high quality healthy and environment protection life.


3. Promote government to legislate, make relative policies.

Through outside buildup and government public relatives, manufacturers promote government especially local energy-saving offices or centers. Consider LED energy saving lamps as key recommended products to use and include it into government purchasing list. Meanwhile give certain subsidy to promote energy saving lamps updating.

At present, financial department, National Development and Reform Commission release the regular rule to promote people to save lamp cost and electric cost. According to the rule, government will confirm the agreement price. Insiders believe it shows country ‘s decision to make energy saving.

Manufacturers should make good use of relative policies to promote their brands and products

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